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Visual Identity

The visual identity of the 32nd Bienal was developed in collaboration between the curators and the Fundação Bienal design team. The process began with two very distinct ideas: a reference to the signs commonly seen on hiking trails, and the visual appeal of drawings of living things.

After a series of studies, these two ideas were combined and consolidated into a set of guiding principles: animals and plants that are easily recognizable and present in one way or another in Brazil's cultural and/or natural world taking on simplified features, far from scientific details. The jellyfish, the crab and the manioc root each echo Brazil's cultural and environmental heritage. The signs are based on elementary geometric shapes, sharply contrasting with the handmade drawings. The yellow, red and blue colors, taken from standard signage, refer to and are evocative of images and ideas such as danger, alert, attention and life. In the juxtaposition of elements, the idea of uncertainty is synthesized as a living entity with which we not only have to coexist, but also relate.