Frame from Ritual Kateoku; povo Enawenê-Nawê [Kateoku ritual; Enawenê-nawê people], 1995-1996

Vídeo nas Aldeias
Created in 1986. Based in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil

For three decades Vídeo nas Aldeias have mobilized discussions central to indigenous peoples and to audiovisual production and distribution. One of the project’s objectives is the training of indigenous filmmakers, destabilizing the forged narratives based on external perspectives. Ethical matters and aesthetic choices are intertwined in their productions, which address such issues as rituals, myths, cultural and political manifestations, as well as experiences of contact and conflict with whites. Founded by the indigenist Vincent Carelli, Vídeo nas Aldeias also fundraise and circulate its productions, conduct screenings in indigenous communities, film festivals, television, and on the internet and produce educational materials. In the 32nd Bienal, the new installation O Brasil dos índios: Um arquivo aberto [The Brazil of the Indians: An Open Archive] (2016) – produced by Ana Carvalho, Tita and Vincent Carelli – sets up a space for an immersion in the images, gestures, chantings and languages of twenty different peoples, including the Xavante, Guarani Kaiowá, Fulni-ô, Gavião, Krahô, Maxakali, Yanomami and Kayapó. United by their power of discourse and image, the excerpts constitute yet another point of collective resistance against attempts to erase and make indigenous peoples inivisible and to provoke a broad reflection on otherness and the conventions of cultural perspectives.