En forma de nosotros [In the Shape of Ourselves], 2016

Rita Ponce de León
1982, Lima, Peru. Lives in Mexico City, Mexico

Rita Ponce de León creates installations that engage their viewers, inviting visitors to try different postures and ways of relating to their senses and to the collective. Her projects gather drawings, sculptures, and proposals for dialogue that trigger exchanges between bodies, and the reinvention of spaces. En forma de nosotros [In the Shape of Ourselves] (2016) invites visitors to place their arms, legs, face and torso inside cavities covered with clay. The positions were defined by exercises of movements guided by the dancer Emile Sugai and then the molds of the spaces to be filled were developed from the bodies of different collaborators which are working in the 32nd Bienal’s educational program. Thus the artist creates a common landscape for us to assume various postures capable of leading to a perception of what we carry, sustain, and push forward with us by means of our bodies. The sculptural space includes audio recordings that describe what the lives of seeds would be like, such as their connections with the land and germination, and drawings that evoke the idea of movement inside the image. In an attempt to disorganize states of consciousness and automated habits, Ponce de León invites our thoughts and feelings to resonate, be shared and transformed.