Research for Oficina de Imaginação Política, 2016

Oficina de Imaginação Política
Created in 2016. Based in São Paulo, Brazil

Oficina de Imaginação Política is Amilcar Packer’s proposal for the 32nd Bienal. Using the words in the project’s name – workshop, imagination and political– and along with a group of collaborators consisting of Diego Ribeiro, Jota Mombaça (Monstra Errátika), Rita Natálio, Thiago de Paula and Valentina Desideri, Packer has planned work sessions, public presentations, and debates throughout the exhibition’s three-month duration. Installed in the pavilion, the Oficina combines research, production, and learning in a single locale, emphasizing the use of the space as a venue for coexistence and the collective development of tools to intervene in the public sphere. By creating a temporary autonomous zone with the participants, the actions designed by the Oficina aim to occupy spaces in the city, the park, and the media, going against attempts at macro-political seizure and control. Understanding that the imagination has the potential to reinvent conceptual territories and reformulate questions, narratives and practices within that which we understand as politics, and faced with current sociopolitical conditions in Brazil and abroad, the Oficina seeks to reclaim the power of images in action as a tool for political resistance and activism, and to re-qualify the art experience.