Frame from Os humores artificiais [The Artificial Humours], 2016

Gabriel Abrantes
1984, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal

Gabriel Abrantes explores cinematographic language in his production of films and videos – he writes, directs, and produces and often acts in them. He addresses historical, political and social matters while discussing postcolonial, gender and identity issues. His works create layers of unlikely readings by altering traditional narratives and touch upon the absurd, folklore, humour and politics. Os humores artificiais [The Artificial Humours] (2016), was shot in Mato Grosso (Canarana and the Yawalapiti and Kamayura villages inside the Xingu Indigenous Park) and São Paulo. Blending a certain Hollywood aesthetic with typical approaches found in documentaries, the film tells the story of a journey of an indigenous comedian who joins a robot and becomes famous in Brazil’s mainstream cultural industry. The uncanny film makes an issue of the humorous habits of various indigenous groups in contrast to progress and artificial intelligence.