Musical Performance • Juliana Perdigão with Os Kurva and Zé Celso


08 Dec 2016
20:00 - 22:00
Bienal Pavilion • Auditorium (Basement)
08 dec 2016, 20:00 - 22:00
Bienal Pavilion • Auditorium (Basement)

Juliana Perdigão performs tracks from her new CD: Ó. The repertoire includes songs by musicians she has collaborated with from her generation, such as Kiko Dinucci, Kristoff Silva, Makely Ka, Ava Rocha, Guilherme Held, Negro Leo, Luiz Gabriel Lopes, Clima, Ná Ozzetti and Nuno Ramos. In addition to her natural verve as a singer, Juliana has recently turned to songwriting herself, resulting in collaborations with Gustavo Ruiz, Romulo Fróes and Maurcio Tagliari. The artist will be performing alongside the band Os Kurva, with Chicão (piano and keyboard), Moita (guitar and bass) João Antunes (bass, guitar and acoustic guitar) and Pedro Gongom (drums and percussion). The show at #32bienal includes a special guest appearance from Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa

Capacity: up to 300 people by order of arrival

Stage direction: Ava Rocha and Juliana Perdigão
Musical direction: Juliana Perdigão and Os Kurva
Lighting: Renato Banti
Wardrobe: João Pimenta
Sound: Bruno Corrêa
Video Art: Cecília Lucchesi
Production: Uirapuru Produtora

photo: Mauro Restiffe