Workshop • Memories of the same water: Culinary processes with Kadija de Paula and Van Holanda


15 Oct 2016
16:00 - 18:00
Bienal Pavilion • Cozinha (1st floor)
15 oct 2016, 16:00 - 18:00
Bienal Pavilion • Cozinha (1st floor)

Following water-based cooking tradition, the chef-artists Kadija de Paula and Van Holanda prepare an imagined recipe – a soup that materializes memory – with ingredients and stories brought by the workshop participants. The idea is to coax those present to stoke their emotional memory with culinary recollections, bringing along vegetables, legumes, roots and tutors, herbs, grains or fruits of their choice; anything that can coax the flow of feelings and memories: "Water is a memory trigger. It is used to modify the form of living organisms and their times. It is ritual. Our bodies hold this water. When we boil it to cook our food, we transform the water too: stalks submerged in it bloat and soften, colors bleed and mix in the colorless molecular broth and boil. As such, water is a cause. Everything returns to the body. We swallow memory".

Capacity: 35 people (Registration via form)

The space COZINHA is sponsored by CTEEP